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Training Consistency

Do you find yourself in the gym training for a number of weeks followed by a period of no training?


Do you begin an exercise program highly motivated, but find yourself losing motivation after a week or two?


If you answered yes I have one word for you CONSISTENCY. Inconsistency could be stopping you achieving the results you want.

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In order to achieve your health and fitness goals you must stay consistent. There are a lot more variables to consider other than just consistency, however I believe consistency is the foundation to your success.  By getting yourself to the gym or involved in a sport several times a week will mean you will begin to see results.


During my time in the fitness industry I have come to realise the best way to achieve consistency is by enjoying what you do.  If you hate running don’t run, if you hate the cross trainer, don’t use the cross trainer.  Doing things you hate just because you feel you have to, to achieve your goals, will only lead you down the road of none compliance.  You are unlikely to put your heart and soul into an exercise you dislike, resulting in lack of motivation and ultimately quitting.


Sound familiar?


Training and exercise should be something that promotes a healthy, happy lifestyle and makes you feel  amazing (or exuberant).


So how can consistency be achieved?


Enjoy what you do– Find an activity or sport you love which will help you reach your goals ie: hiking, football, weightlifting, cycling or badminton.  Whatever your preference is, make that your main source of exercise.  By doing something you love you will more likely stick to your program and reach your goals.

Train with a partner– Train with a friend to help keep you motivated.  Create some competition to keep you both pushing forward.  If you find you don’t have anyone to train with think about hiring a personal trainer (PT) in Manchester.  A good PT will keep you focussed, design fun and effective training programs to help you achieve your goals and empower you with knowledge on training and nutrition.

Set SMART goals– Read our previous blog (New Year, New You) for what SMART stands for. Goals should be reviewed regularly as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it by.

Make it a part of your lifestyle– Don’t try to fit your lifestyle around exercise; it won’t work as exercise is probably not your highest priority.  Instead, fit the exercise around your lifestyle. We all lead busy lives, so make a plan of the days you are able to exercise and stick to it.  This may mean taking gym gear to work with you and going during a dinner break or even straight after work.

Write down your barriers– Whatever it may be that causes your inconsistency, make a list of these barriers and how you plan to overcome them.

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By staying consistent you will be one step closer to achieving your goals.


Feel good, feel exuberant.


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John Warburton
(Personal Trainer)

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