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Strength and conditioning tailored to get you fighting fit.

Coaching to bring out your best

Are you a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete (Casual or Pro) or even a keen fitness enthusiast who wants to perform at their very best?

Have you got a grading or competition you want to be in peak condition for?

Do you need to make weight to compete in the correct weight class?

To become the best you can be, you’ll need to work on your technique, strength and endurance.

We’ll let your professor teach you the technique, but let us help to build your strength and endurance.

If you struggle to bridge escape from your opponent or can’t last the 5 mins round fight – You need to build strength and endurance.

General fitness programs can sometimes miss the mark with your BJJ training

  • We know that you are not aiming to the biggest guy or girl on the mat
  • We know that a 6 pack is not your ultimate aim
  • We know that being able to run a marathon won’t get you free from that triangle
  • We know YOU.. the BJJ athlete.  Ossss!

Exuberant provides strength and conditioning coaching for optimal BJJ performance.


Who are Exuberant Fitness?

Here at Exuberant Fitness, we work with male and female BJJ athletes who want to improve their performance on the mats.

Our approach is simple but effective.

✅ Get a tailored workout plan to fit around your equipment, environment, time and specific goals.

✅ Get guidance on how to manage your nutrition so it works FOR you instead of against you

✅ Get weekly check-ins so that we can ensure you stay on track to reach and smash your goals

✅ Get access to personal training managed by physiotherapists to keep you safe as you progress and help with any pre-existing niggles.



Access our fitness and nutrition habits right now

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What can we do for you?

We can help you to build a body for BJJ

This may mean losing body fat, it may mean gaining muscle, it may also mean improving your endurance.

We will include focused flexibility training as well

You hardly ever see flexibility training in most fitness programs, but we understand BJJ.  We realise it’s importance and encourage our clients to complete mobility / flexibility drills regularly.

  • If you want coaches who understand you and your needs – we can help
  • If you want coaches who provide more than just advice on how much weight to lift – We can help
  • If you want coaches who can enhance your BJJ training and help you to perform better – We can help

Our Success, is Your success

We are proud to announce that Exuberant Fitness are sponsoring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor Matt ‘Stalone’ Callaghan

Professor Stalone is an active BJJ competitor who has medalled at the European championship in both Gi and no Gi, won gold at the IBJJF London Open, British Open and even double gold at the IBJJF British Nationals in 2016.

We provide Matt with the correct nutrition and training plans to help with performance and making weight for future competitions.

Download our Nutrition guide: A short explanation on macronutrients and an example high protein meal plan 

Get started right away

We want to help as many BJJ athletes as possible but….

Our time is limited.  We spend time on programing workouts and monitoring nutrition for our clients.  We also provide feedback through instant messages on our mobile app.

So sometimes we have to put people on waiting lists.

We do this to ensure we don’t take on too much that we cannot provide a good service.

If you want to be considered for training hit the link below

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