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Sports massage is not just for athletes.  Sports massage is also sometimes referred to as deep tissue massage.  This type of massage can be used to relieve and treat normal day-to-day aches and pains from a sore neck, bad back, running pains and much more.  Sports massage can be used to treat tendons, ligaments, muscle and other soft tissues in the body to correct any muscle imbalances, tension, posture or flexibility.

How long will the massage last?:

The 30 mins massage will last approximately 20 mins with the remaining 10 mins used to allow time for you to arrive, get changed, tell me what you want doing and then time again at the end to change and possibly some advice for further care.

The 60 mins massage will last approximately 50 mins with the remaining 10 mins used for the same as described above.

What to wear:

Please be aware that you may need to remove tops, trousers etc to allow me to reach the parts of your body that I am massaging.  You will be covered with a towel to remain warm and cover up any areas I am not currently working on at the time of your massage.

How will I feel?:

As I will be aiming to reach deeper muscle fibres compared to Swedish massage, you may find some of the techniques painful.  After the assessment or treatment you may find that you have some aches and pains.  This is normal, as the body will be undergoing additional stresses and manipulations compared to a normal day.  This should ease within a day you should start to feel the benefits of the treatment from there onwards.

What should I do afterwards?:

Rehydrate with lots of water after the massage and try to relax.  I recommend that you try to rest for 24hrs after the massage.  Rest does not mean bedrest, it means not doing anything strenuous that may reverse the work the massage has done to your muscles, so going the the gym gym or playing a sport right after is no good (unless you have a pre-event massage).

60 Minute Massage - £35
30 Minute Massage - £25


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