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12 Week Coaching

“ Join the program with your friends, family and colleagues and work together to get fitter, stronger and leaner.

I look forward to coaching you in the next 12-week course”

Steven Akamo Steven Akamo
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12 Weeks Online Coaching

The 12 Weeks MFN Wellbeing Method is designed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner through weekly teachings on HOW and WHY the areas of mindset, fitness and nutrition are equally weighted in order to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals.

The personal training plan is designed for all levels of fitness and contains different programs for weight loss, toning, strength and muscle gains. For optimal results you will want to train in a gym environment, but I have also included a home based option too with minimal equipment.

  • Daily contact with your Personal Trainer
  • Gym Programmes with a video of EVERY exercise
  • Nutrition guidance you can stick to

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