6 Weeks
Fitness Fix
Beta Testers

We want to make sure our fitness programs are effective and easy to follow.  The best way for us to develop first class training is to be sure it works well.  By joining our Beta Testers you will have either FREE access or heavily discounted access to our first program.

In return, we ask for your full commitment through the program which asks for you to train at least 3x Weekly, but aiming for 4-5x ideally.  Training can be completed in the gym or at home.

NOTE: The home training requires you to use long resistance bands.  
(Example: Resistance Bands sold on Amazon)

What we do

Online coaching

Exuberant fitness delivers high quality online coaching. Offering a personalised training programme, tailored nutrition plan, and weekly check-ins with your coach, helping you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Physiotherapy & sports massage

Our Physiotherapists at Exuberant are highly trained MSK Physiotherapists who specialise in treating and managing conditions related to the neuromusculoskeletal system


Our Physiotherapists are fully trained in Acupuncture. Acupuncture stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine and entails stimulating certain points in the body to help reduce pain, optimise healing and restore function

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